A. Today I assigned the Rhetorical Analysis Essay using President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address from 1961.  The specific assignment details are written in the blue highlighted boxes on page 55 and 57 of the Language of Composition Textbook. I will give an additional overview of the assignment here on this site.  Students will use the analysis of the 1] rhetorical appeals (ethos/pathos/logos); 2] the language [diction/syntax/tone); and the 3] rhetorical devices (three that are the most used within the speech). the essay must be written in the third-person voice and be approximately 750-1000 words in length.  All student work must be hand written and show a design process prior to drafting. Rough drafts will be scored using the AP testing rubric. Due Date: October 19, 2012

B. Using the rhetorical continuum for political discourse students choose the most important three issues according to their own beliefs.  The three issues will be the topics used to write three separate persuasive speeches. Your teacher will evaluate the three speeches for their use of the rhetorical triangles in construction and choose the best work to be delivered to the class. Due Date: October 19, 2012

C. Students have been provided with examples of visual rhetoric that is being used in the world marketplace to persuade opinion.  Each student must collect ten (10) examples of rhetoric that is primarily visual (video/print advertisement/photo). Due Date: November 1, 2012