Chicano Literature:


Where does  the ” American” standard for behavior come from- that allows us to identify and fight corruption? (one page)

English 11 SpringBoard VI:

Based on Benjamin Frankilin’s hook and claim in his ” Address to the Constitutional convention” how has America become so corrupt that a good argument can be made that we have fulfilled his warning about despotism and corruption?- Half a page

Based on Benjamin Franklin’s hook and claim in his “Address to the Constitutional Convention” how are Americans incorruptible enough to maintain a constitutional government?- Half a page


Habits of Mind/ Questions

1. How do you know what you know? What’s the evidence? Is it credible?

2. What point of view are you hearing,seeing, reading? Who is the author?

3. Where is she/he standing? What are his/her intentions?

4. How are things connected to each other? how does “it” fit in? where have you heard or seen this before?

5. What if…? Supposing that…? Can you imagine alternatives? How might things be otherwise?

6. What significances does it have? Why is this important? Who cares?