Chicano Literature:

1. Quiz over the reading assignment : La Malinche: Heroine or Harlot

2. Short video on Tenochtitlan, capitol city of the Aztec Empire

Reading and Cornell notes:Hernan Cortez, Spanish Conquistador

English 10/SpringBoard V:

Writing activity [From a class generated list of virtuous character traits, students will narrow their choices to three and skim and scan through the book Things Fall Apart locating evidences of these virtues in the character Okonkwo’s behavior]

Once these points of evidence are established students will construct a 5-7 sentence paragraph explaining Okonkwo’s virtuous nature, even though he has negative qualities as well.  This will be used as a concessions/refutations aspect of the end of book essay.

English 11/SpringBoard VI:

The Declaration of Independence as a moral argument:

  • Write an introductory paragraph that includes a well constructed hook and a thesis for an argument in favor of the merits of the Declaration of Independence’s claim of natural rights for all mankind. 
  • Using the four cardinal virtues construct an argument that requires adherence to these virtues by choice in order to successfully live in a political system built upon the concept of natural rights to life, freedom,  and the ability to express  one’s own concept of happiness.
  • Using the fundamentals of the argument made by the Declaration of Independence provide support with reference to specific passages in the text, their practical applications in the modern world, and the necessary rules of society that must exist in order to protect one person’s abuses from infringing on another person’s guaranteed freedom.